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It  Jan Thiel beach is only 800 meters from Villa Miali. Jan Thiel Beach has many possibilities. You can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach in a luxurious cabana at Zest, on one of the lovely beach beds at the hip Papagayo, but Zanzibar and Kokos also offer plenty of opportunities to spend a nice day at the sea. 

There is also plenty of entertainment at Jan Thiel Beach in the evening and you can end your day in one of the bar or restaurants.

Besides Jan Thiel Beach, Curaçao has even more beautiful beaches such as Cas Abou , Playa Porto Marie  and  Mambo Beach .

Plantation houses

Former owners of plantations where agriculture, livestock or ships were cared for often built a Dutch-style house on top of a hill. This main house was occupied by the owner and his family. It was built on a hill so that there was a good overview of the plantation and one could have a good look at the neighbors or other plantation houses . A well-known plantation house is the 18th century Brievengat in the Brievengat district. Other country houses that can be visited are Landhuis Santa Martha, Landhuis Jan Kok, Landhuis Doktertuin and Landhuis Ascension.









Curaçao is a great destination for all kinds of water sports. Popular snorkeling destinations include Tugboat, Blue Bay, Playa Lagun, and Playa Piskadó. This last place is not so much known for the fish, but for the almost always present sea turtles. Windsurfers can practice their sport on Spanish Water. For the best dive sites you often have to take a boat to the best dive spots. You will find several providers of diving trips on Curaçao.     











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When visiting Curaçao, a visit to colorful Willemstad should of course not be missed. 

Enjoy the beautiful colored houses along the water and walk over the most famous bridge in Curacao: the pontoon bridge

which is actually called the Queen Emma Bridge.  It is one of the best known and most popular sights of Curaçao . This floating pontoon bridge connects two districts – Punda and Otrobanda – of historic Willemstad. 

The pontoon bridge opens for shipping several times a day. The bridge operator sails the bridge in its entirety on one side of the river so that the boats can pass. When the bridge is open you can use a free ferry to the other side.

kura hulanda museum.jfif

Kura Hulanda Museum

This anthropological museum in the Otrabanda district mainly focuses on the origin of man, the African slave trade, gold and Antillean art. It is possible to go through the  Kura Hulanda museum to go.


Hato Caves

The Hato Caves offer a lot of history on an area of approximately 4900 m² with stalactite caves and water features. The faint murals, some of which are 1,500 years old, date from the time when Native Americans lived there. Later, many slaves hid there. With a guide you can admire many of these caves and hear all the stories and myths. You will probably also see some iguanas and bats.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum takes you on a journey of discovery through the maritime history of Curaçao. Included is a cruise in the harbor of Curaçao with a 'water taxi'.

There is also talk about the oil industry and there is even a working miniature of the oil refinery.


Sea Aquarium / Dolphin Academy

In the  Curacao Sea Aquarium  you can get acquainted with the underwater world around  Curacao, stingrays, sea turtles, sharks and colorful tropical fish. This aquarium is unique because fresh seawater flows in continuously. The sea creatures are regularly fed and you are cordially invited to participate actively.

Furthermore, in the  marine aquarium  a shell exhibition and you can learn more about life in the Caribbean Sea in the movie room.

A separate department within the marine aquarium is the Dolphin Academy . The  dolphins  learn the tricks they perform in daily shows. The Dolphin Academy offers various programs. For example, you can dive or swim with the dolphins in the open sea, but you can also do that in a shielded lagoon.


Rif Fort

This fortress was formerly used as a watchtower to protect the harbor. Nowadays you will find the most luxurious shops of Curaçao in and around this historic Rif Fort. Old and new go well together here. It is also wonderful to enjoy a nice drink on a terrace in a beautiful setting. You will also find art galleries and local products here.

Christoffel Park

Much flora and fauna can be found in this largest national park of Curaçao, the Christoffel Park . There are about eight hiking trails with the choice of easy or challenging hiking. You can also experience a safari or book excursions. By visiting Plantation Savonet you will learn more about the history and culture of the island.

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